09 Aug, 2011

Paul McCartney Plastic Surgery

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The 67-year-old Paul McCartney had undergone an eyelid surgery recently for the sagging skin on his eyes which he successfully removed through the surgery. The pictures of March 2007 and December 2007 show a clear difference in his skin. The pictures which were taken in March 2007 clearly show that he had sagging skin on his face and on his eyes, while the pictures of December 2007 show us a refreshing and young McCartney who had more freshness on his face than the tiredness of old.

Furthermore, the crow’s feet which were once seen around his eyes have also been removed, which is possible due to the use of Botox or Restylane. Plastic Surgeon Alex Karidis confirms the news of injections and surgery saying that the refreshing face of the actor clearly says that he has done something artificial with it. The lower eyelid area of the star is also free of wrinkles and lines, which is also due to the same eyelid surgery.

There are rumors swirling all around that Sir Paul McCartney underwent facial plastic surgery in New York before addressing a heart murmur in September. Since, he has lost weight also, so it has also played a vital role making him young. When asked, the representative of the singer denied all the plastic surgery rumors saying he had just made himself young once again naturally by losing some weight and through routine exercise. Besides the husband, the ex-wife of the star, Heather Mills, is also rumored to have had a nose job, breast augmentation and a liposuction as well.

Paul McCartney Plastic Surgery Paul McCartney Plastic Surgery

Paul McCartney Plastic Surgery

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