11 Aug, 2011

Peter O’Toole Plastic Surgery

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The famous theatrical actor, Peter O’Toole, who rose to fame during early 60s when he did Lawrence of Arabia, is rumored to have used Botox injections. There are also reports that he had also undergone knife at least for one times in her life through which he removed the sagging skin under his eyes and had made them alive. The old man is enjoying the 7th decade of his life, but it seems like he is still enjoying the life of a collegiate boy because there are no lines and wrinkles on his forehead and there are no skin bags under his eyes and there is no sagging skin over his eyes.

All of these things suggest that he has had an eyelid surgery in the past through which she got rid of that extra skin over his eyes which was making an old man and which was disturbing his eyes. It is also thought he still uses Botox injections as well to get rid of those lines and wrinkles on his forehead and around his eyes.

Plastic surgeon Anthony Youn has seen the old and new photos of the actor and after carefully examining these photos, he has come to the point that the old man has been using these fillers for a long time and actually they are the reason behind his wrinkle-free face. He personally thinks that his first dermal injection was injected in his skin during early 80s. The actor was also nominated for Oscars for his acting.

Peter O’Toole Plastic Surgery Peter O’Toole Plastic Surgery

Peter O’Toole Plastic Surgery

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