13 Aug, 2011

Diana Ross Plastic Surgery

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While, Diana Ross insists that she is a natural lady who has not had any plastic surgery procedure ever in her life, the media sources speculate about her that she has had a number of procedures till now, including facelift, neck lift, and eyelid surgery, Restylane, Juvederm and Botox. During one occasion, when she was asked about the plastic surgery rumors, she denied all these rumors saying she could not even think about these procedures because her children hated these procedures. According to the mother, the children would dislike her if she goes before them with a cosmetic face and this is the reason that she cannot even think about these procedures.

She has one more reason to hate these procedures. She says that she has seen so many girls in her life who have ruined their beautiful faces because of these surgeries and now all of these girls regret on their decisions of undergoing knife, so she would not adopt these methods ever in her life.

But her wrinkle-free face tell us totally different story. She was seen at an award giving ceremony where she was blessed with a lifetime achievement award. She was seen refreshed and active at that moment, and it was very difficult to understand if she really was a natural and pure lady, as she says of herself. She may have some good genes as well, but it is evident from her facial skin that she has undergone a facelift, necklift and an eyelid surgery.

Diana Ross Plastic Surgery Diana Ross Plastic Surgery

Diana Ross Plastic Surgery

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