17 Aug, 2011

Ben Stiller Plastic Surgery

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The recent appearances of comedian Ben Stiller make us think whether he had a nose job in the recent past. He is a famous comedian who has been entertaining us through his comic acting for past many years, but the face he has shown this time is new for all of us because this face is more beautiful than the previous one that we have been seeing on screen for past many years. He was captured by the photographers while promoting his new film Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. He was looking young and fresh and more beautiful as well.

When he first appeared on film world, he was not much charming or beautiful. He was a guy with large nose and protruding ears. Over the years, this look gained changed with the addition of jowls and lines which were the pure signs of aging. There were wrinkles around his eyes and the face was loosening its strength, but now he has completely changed his look and personality by making himself young and attractive once again and surely there is no other way to achieve these things than the plastic surgery.

Dr. David Shafer also says that he now looks better than what he looked 10 years old. He also thinks that he might had an octoplasty as well through which he has changed the shape of his ears a bit. After getting some flesh on his body, he has started showing the body of a handsome person while previously he was like a skeleton.

Ben Stiller Plastic Surgery Ben Stiller Plastic Surgery

Ben Stiller Plastic Surgery

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