17 Aug, 2011

John Travolta Plastic Surgery

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To hide the balding areas of his hair, famous actor John Travolta wears a hair wig which is also known as toupee or hairpiece. The wrinkle-free face of the legendry actor also suggests that he has been using Botox injection to smooth his facial skin. The possibility of a facelift can also not be ruled out. He was present on an even where the high-zoom cameras captured the evidences of wig on his face when they showed two different types of hairs on his head, first natural and second artificial.

He tried his best to hide this wig from the eye of media, but all of his efforts went in vain at the time when media sources captured his hairs in their cameras. The pictures then showed that actually he had two types of hairs on his head. While, there have been reports about him that he has had a hair transplant, Dr. Paul Nassif says that all of these reports are false because in fact he does not have hair transplant but he is wearing a sort of hairpiece. The doctor further says that this process is quite expensive as compared to the hair transplant and it also involves heavy a lot of maintenance and care.

This procedure is best for those people who don’t find them ready for the hair transplant or who say that they don’t want to be cosmetic or artificial. The wig completely hides your balding areas giving you an impression like you never had balding areas on your head.

John Travolta Plastic Surgery John Travolta Plastic Surgery

John Travolta Plastic Surgery

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