17 Aug, 2011

Vanna White Plastic Surgery

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The host of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and American television personality, Vanna White, is rumored to have had a facelift, nose job. She is also believed to use Botox injections as well through which she tried to freeze her age. We have been seeing her on Wheel of Fortune for past five decades. During all these five decades, she has maintained her facial expressions and her heath lot. There is just a minor change in her face since 1983. This has not done because of her good genes or exercises or healthy diet, but the real reason is the plastic procedures which she had been getting during her career.

She has spent nearly half of her age on the stage of Wheel of Fortune, but she still looks the same White which we had been seeing during 80s or 90s. She is in 50s right now, but looking at her face and body, you can’t say that she is as older. She herself never talks about her facial beauty. She has not said any word whether she had a plastic surgery or it is her real and natural face. It seems like she avoids talking on these situations in the public.

Some years back, there were rumors all around the web about her, but these rumors were never confirmed. Some professionals think that she really uses Botox injections, while many others say that she is a natural lady who has nothing to do with these procedures. Dr. David Shafer says that she looks great though, but she definitely uses Botox for her face.

Vanna White Plastic Surgery Vanna White Plastic Surgery

Vanna White Plastic Surgery

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