22 Aug, 2011

Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery

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Susan Lucci was quite fit and healthy in 80s, but now she has aged. She has tried her best to maintain her beauty though, but the signs of aging are visible on her face and body and she is not immune from ageing. There are lots of surgery rumors for the actress, including nose job, facelift, cheek implants and browlift. Moreover, the sources also claim that she also has had lots of other treatments as well like the upper and lower blepharoplasty and chemical peels and laser treatments. She is also said to use Botox and some other injections as well.

We have been seeing her on All My Children for years where she has been playing the same role since the start of the show. But amazing thing is that though there have been past many years since then, yet her acting level is the same as it was at the start of the show. She is doing her job with the same courage and devotion as she was doing during the early days of the show. But there is at least one change for her, she now looks older and weaker. She had charm and freshness on her face at that time, but now it seems like she has been tired of doing the same thing for years.

Dr. Anthony Youn says that it is pretty difficult to tell that what surgery she really had in the past. He says she looks so good that it is really very difficult for them to judge if she really had any surgery in the past to make her beautiful.

Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery

Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery

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