25 Aug, 2011

Michael Douglas Plastic Surgery

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Actor Michael Douglas is also included in the list of those people who show trust for plastic surgery. There are reports that the romantic and comic actor has had a neck lift and a facelift. If we look closely at the face of the actor, we will get to know that actually his neck and face don’t match other parts of his body. The neck skin looks tight and impressive as it does not sag. The same is the case with his face as well. The face of the actor though has some lines and wrinkles, yet it appears that it is far better than many other people’s faces in his age.

He got huge popularity due to his acting in 80s era. He worked in some brilliant comic movies which made him a big celebrity overnight. The movies like ‘Romancing the Stone,’ The Jewel of the Nile’, and ‘The War of the Roses’ earned him special attention among the viewers. The 90s era brought an entirely different image for him when he started recognizing as a troubling guy. It was a decade when he starred in films featuring sex and violence. The people started thinking himself as a guy who just knows sex and blood and there is nothing else in his life.

Though, he tried his best to eliminate this image by working in some other movies like Disclosure, yet it did not work for him. He remained involved with Catherine Zeta-Jones who was almost 25 years junior to him when he started relationship with her.

Michael Douglas Plastic Surgery Michael Douglas Plastic Surgery

Michael Douglas Plastic Surgery

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