07 Sep, 2011

Robert Redford Plastic Surgery

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In a desperate effort to stop the aging effects, Robert Redford has had a facelift but this did not help him an ounce and the result was the same old face full of wrinkles and lines. Though, he tried his best to stop his age or to look younger one and two years than his actual age, yet Joan Rivers says that he just wasted his money and time in this quest as he got a little in return.

She says that whoever has done his surgery should feel ashamed on his work because he did that surgery so bad that it made actor even more worst than what he was before surgery. Normally, people have facelifts when they see that they have started getting the signs of aging on their faces.

The facelift helps them by removing the wrinkles and lines and by tightening the facial skin. Instead of enjoying the effects of a successful facelift, he is now murmuring on the unprofessionalism of his doctor. May other surgeons also say that though it looks like he has had a facelift, but he is still deprived of the benefits of that facelift.

Robert Redford Plastic Surgery Robert Redford Plastic Surgery

Robert Redford Plastic Surgery

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