09 Sep, 2011

Jaclyn Smith Plastic Surgery

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The true and confirmed reports about actress Jaclyn Smith say that she has had a facelift with fat grafting. The face of the actress looks much younger and tighter as compared to the rest of the body. It makes media sources to speculate whether she had changed her face with the help of a surgery. After peeping through the life of the actress, we have to the face that actually she is a cosmetic lady who has changed the face with a surgery.

Many other experts say that she has not changed her face through a surgery, but she just uses some sorts of injections to maintain her look and face. Those who are expert in the field of facelift say that it is not the work of fillers but she has really changed her face through surgery. The area around her eyes and around her lips looks so tight which is an indication of surgery. Moreover, her cheeks also look tighter and filthy. We can expect many other procedures from her in the future as well.

She was first seen on screen in 1973 when she was given a chance to be a model of Breck shampoo. She then did role on Charlie’s Angels through which she got huge fame.

Jaclyn Smith Plastic Surgery Jaclyn Smith Plastic Surgery

Jaclyn Smith Plastic Surgery

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