12 Sep, 2011

Carrie Wilson Plastic Surgery

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Carrie Wilson is an actress though, but she is most famous in the industry for her stomach surgery which was done back in August 1999 and which was seen by the more than 50,000 people on internet. It is said that 17 months after that surgery, she lost 150 pounds. She was though very happy with the result of that surgery, but the results of that surgery were ruined later in 2006 when she gave birth to a baby.

The pregnancy ruined the surgery by putting extra layers of fat on her stomach. She then underwent knife once again to get the previous body which she had gained back in 1999 through first surgery.

Dr. Jennifer Walden says that Wilson is a pretty lady whose face is genuine and natural as she has done nothing wrong and artificial with it. She has undergone just for two times and for these two times the purpose remained same. The lady does not need to have any cosmetic procedure for her face as she already looks very charming and beautiful. She might use some kinds of fillers in future.

Carrie Wilson Plastic Surgery Carrie Wilson Plastic Surgery

Carrie Wilson Plastic Surgery

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