22 Jul, 2011

Katie Holmes Plastic Surgery

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During her relationship with Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes had a nose job through which she changed the shape of her nose a bit and made it perfect. Reportedly, the surgery was done to remove the cartilage on her nose. The result of the nose job was according to her desire as she became more beautiful after that surgery. Those who are expert in the field of plastic surgery suggest her to undergo knife for the second time also to increase the size of her breasts. They say since she is losing weight day by day and becoming weaker, so a breast augmentation would help her maintaining her image in the public.

It is true too because she would look fuller and healthier after the breast augmentation. Similarly, she can also increase her curves through the same process. It has been seen that many thin ladies prefer to undergo knife to fill up their bodies and they look fuller and healthier after surgery. When we look at the current recent photos of ex-girlfriend of Tom Cruise, we get to know that her breasts have been completely vanished and she is showing the body of a teenage girl who has not approached to the age of maturity yet. But she is not a minor, she is more than 30 years old and mother of a child.

She should also get herself checked by a specialist who sees for the reasons why is she losing her weight so rapidly?

Katie Holmes Plastic Surgery Katie Holmes Plastic Surgery

Katie Holmes Plastic Surgery

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