24 Jul, 2011

Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” Plastic Surgery

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Dwayne Johnson is chiefly known in the world for his wrestling stunts where he was known as ‘The Rock’. He was one of the most favorite players of the wrestling world. He is considered one of the most successful players in the history of wrestling as well. He has spent so many years in wrestling world where he won many accolades. After leaving the wrestling stage, he decided to test his luck in the acting world which also proved fruitful for him and he became a big star who is most famous for his comedy and stunts.

The media sources have peeped through his life and after examining the hidden aspects of his life, they have come to the conclusion that he at least had two surgeries in the past through which he made himself perfect. His first and chief surgery was done back in 2005 which was a gynecomastia correction. It is a sort of surgery which is also known as male breast reduction as well. Some people also call it male breast liposuction as well. It has different names, but all means the same thing. About this surgery, he says that he went to doctor and showed him himself and asked that he wanted to reduce his breasts because they were teasing him so much and he was unable to wear his shirt on. The doctor looked at him with impression as if he were mad.

The other reports about the star say that he has had a hair restoration recently which has helped him saving his hairs.

Dwayne Johnson The Rock Plastic Surgery Dwayne Johnson The Rock Plastic Surgery

Dwayne Johnson "The Rock" Plastic Surgery

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