28 Jul, 2011

Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery

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Kathy Griffin is a comedian who has been making us laugh for past many years through her comedy. This lovely comedian was near to die in 1999 when she had a liposuction. The representative of the star later said in media that the complications were near fatal and she was very close to die. She could have been died if the doctors had not paid attention on her in time. She was shifted to the hospital for necessary medical assistant where she fought with death for her life. She stayed in hospital for some days, and when her conditions got stabled, the doctors discharged her.

She rested at home for some weeks, and then started her professional duties once again. She spent her next four years speaking against the plastic surgery where she would tell people the catastrophic effects of the surgery. She would tell people how much loss they could face if the procedure goes wrong.

After speaking four years against the plastic surgery, she changed her mind and underwent lots of surgeries, including brow lift, nose job, LASIK eye surgery, veneers, chemical peel and Botox injections. During an interview with Oprah, she said that she was happy having new eyebrows, new skin, new eyes and new teeth. The fear emerged after the first surgery has now been vanished. Now, she has stopped talking against the plastic surgery as she has seen the advantages of the surgery. She now spends more time searching more surgical procedures which could make her perfect.

Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery

Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery

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