28 Jul, 2011

Tom Hanks Plastic Surgery

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Thanks to the hair transplant treatment which kept Tom Hanks saved from being completely bald. Tom Hanks had started loosening his hairs in 80s, and looking at the condition, it seemed like he would be a perfect bald within next five years. However, nothing like that happened as he got himself saved through a hair transplant treatment. The hair transplant had been kept him save from going ballad for two years. It was not an ordinary hair transplant. It was a special kind of hair transplant which had given him the power to re-grow his hairs back on scalp. If we compare the pictures of 1998 with the pictures of 1995, we will get to know that he actually had more hairs on his head in 1998 than what he had in 1995.

Similarly, when we compare the pictures of 2006 with the pictures of 2004, we get to know that he had more hairs on his head than ever before. It shows that all it had happened due to that hair transplant, which on one hand saved him from going bald and provided his head with the necessary power to re-grow hairs, on other hand.

Some years back, Tom Hanks had hosted Oscar stage with John Travolta, who is also facing the same problem of hair loosening these days. While, he had less hair on his scalp that time, the later pictures showed that his head was almost full of hairs. So, has he also undergone the same process of hair transplant? Dr. Paul Nassif thinks that it is not the case. He says he does not think that he has had a hair transplant in the past, but he thinks that he has worn a kind of hairpiece.

Tom Hanks Plastic Surgery Tom Hanks Plastic Surgery

Tom Hanks Plastic Surgery

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