29 Jul, 2011

Cheryl Hines Plastic Surgery

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The 40-something Cheryl Hines is famous in the public for her show Curb Your Enthusiasm. It is said that before appearing on this show, she had a body which had lots of signs of aging, but when she appeared on the show, the fans noticed that her face was free of wrinkles and lines. This prompted the media sources to speculate that she had some artificial procedures to gain the look. Being the actress, she is also a film actress as well who has directed a movie named Serious Moonlight. The script of the movie was written by the late Adrienne Shelly who is famous in the industry for writing Waitress.

When her film was premiered at Tribeca Film Festival, she was asked a question about the plastic surgery. She answered saying she had no problems with the plastic surgeries and she thought if this procedure was giving people benefit than there was nothing wrong about that. She strongly defends all those ladies who have been undergoing this procedure in the past. She thinks if this procedure makes someone happy than there is nothing wrong experiencing this.

She was asked to respond about the Meg Ryan surgery. Meg Ryan had a surgery in the past which went wrong and which produced drastic results. After this incident many people started campaigns about the plastic surgery where they forbade people experiencing any sorts of surgical procedures. Cheryl herself admits that she has a dentistry procedure in the past which has made her smile looking good. She is the mother of one child.

Cheryl Hines Plastic Surgery Cheryl Hines Plastic Surgery

Cheryl Hines Plastic Surgery

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